Mental Maps

Sometimes a link in the reason breaks–

or a leak occurs.

Unexpected gaps disorient the unprepared.

Leave a trail.

A reminder to forget.

Momentum mandates this planet and its people.

Honey, you are not exempt.



Patience, patience

It’s give and take, so be ok with it

It’s not what you say it’s how you say it

Tone of voice and delivery is key

out of sight out of mind

do you feel me now

The common denominator of this issue:

 Too good--Or not good enough



I’m skeptical of my own sincerity, but more so of yours

Interacting around this table of concepts,

Wade in the pool

Always floating to the beginning

It’s actually a very concrete thing:

You either have it or you don’t.

Don’t you have anything to say?

Don’t you have somewhere to be?


Faces in close proximity, but never touching

Hover so close that it itches

The skin prickles, but resist the urge

Remember: Patience is key.

One must wait until the incubation process is complete and the specimen is ready

Premature contact only makes it worse

Digging too deep perpetuates the issue, often leaving a scar

One must wait until it’s at the surface

Pry the space, loosen the grip

Falling open, but don’t let anything fall out


A clean rupture is ideal

Stay aloof, look through not at

because that is what you’ll get right back

Stop seeking and their gaze it will find you it might glide by, but either way at least you can say you didn’t waste your time

Resonate in silence

Misinterpretation is essential, but don’t worry,

it won’t last forever


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